The music itself is mesmerizing, inciting a remarkable feeling of calm. Quite simply, on a mood level, the record glows.”

Mircea Laslo - Arctic Drones Magazine

It’s like the movie “The Science of Sleep” personified.”

Kalli Wolf – KAMP, University of Arizona

NeuHuman's sound is ingenius and ahead of its time. Brilliant!”

BoJo Ackah -on-Air Personality KXQQ 100.5

Introducing SteedSpot 

  The Creative Forces behind NeuHuman have launched a brand new Art, Apparel, and Music Store @   Where the goal is to Inspire Art and Culture thru Sights, Sounds, and Feels!  NeuHuman is Kicking Off the Debut Collection with Two New Albums for  SteedSpot's Launch.  Stop in and Stare for a While.


NeuHuman - Lost in Space

The first Themed Album stemming from NeuHuman's 100 Songs in 100 Days Project, Lost in Space is a Sci-fi, Psychedelic Rock Thriller that is teaming with Reverse Pianos, Ethereal Guitars, and Other Worldly Synthesizers. It sound is Magestic and Wondrous, with influences of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the Flaming Lips and Aphex Twin familiarly Shinning Through.

NeuHuman - electronic

Stemming from NeuHuman's 100 Songs in 100 Days Project, This Instrumental Album features many of the Electronic Feels, Vibes and Soundscapes birthed by the Project. Ranging from chilled out Down tempo to grooved out Acid Jazz and Drum and Bass....this Album is perfect for Long Drives, a Date with your favorite Strain, or any time you wanna let your Imagination Run Wild!

(Insert Random Cover of Great Song)

"How to Stop Time (2017 Reload)"
Newly Remixed and Mastered for 2017.
This sophomore Album is a mind bending sonic experience full of space rock and neo soul, revamping the keyboard heavy electronic sound of the 1st record for a more guitar based sonic soundscape on "How to stop Time" showing once again NeuHuman's knack of blending genre's and pushing boundaries. How to Stop time will Rock, Hypnotize, Seduce, and possibly Scare you a little!