All Songs Produced and Mixed by Al Azar except  "Shy Times" and "Driving Home" Produced  and Mixed By Slo One

"Bad Mutha Love" mixed by Nicarao Narvaez
Bucky WunderLick  = Al Azar 



"100 songs in 100 Days"
  # 1 "Dust to Dust"                   
Al Azar - Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals  Nicarao Narvaez - Acoustic Guitar

 2 Wrath of the Deity  
Erich Graham - Vocals  
Al Azar - Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboards 

 3 Bad Mutha Love
Erich Graham - Vocals 
Nicarao Narvaez - Bass, Guitars, Vocals 
Al Azar - Guitar, Drums, Vocals 
Backing Vocals - Mike Harpel, Jazz Jordan , Pachakutic Lozano, Tom Porcella 
Mixed by Nicarao Narvaez 
Model - Jade Galan

4 "We Live in the Future" 
Al Azar - Synthesizers, Drum Machine 
Nico DVBS - 808 Kit

5 "Schroeder"
Al Azar - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals, Drum arrangements
Steed Corulla - Whistle, Vocals, Cell Phone

6 "Meanwhile inside a Dream" 
Al Azar - Guitars 

 7 "War Song"
Tom Porcella - electric guitar, percussion, glockenspeil 
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, synthesizers, drums, vocals 

 8 "Out of Nowhere" 
Nicarao Narvaez - electric guitar 
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, drums, bass, organ, synth, vocals 


9 "Caught in the Undertow"
Nico DVBS - Vocals
Al Azar - guitars, bass, organ, vocals, drum arrangement Mixed by Nicarao Narvaez and Al Azar
original photo by marc johnson 

10 "Z" "Green Tea 
Len Shaw - Guitar
Mike Litt - Drums
Joe Kieres - Bass
Al Azar - Keyboards
John Andreyo – Engineer 




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Out of this Haze, I guess I thought it was safe. I Thought the War was Over... Maybe it just Began ”

— War Song

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We Lie in the grace of contentment, The Moon lights our way at Night. The Stars Shine like they're not Pretending, There's Beauty where the Shadows Hide. I'm drunk on Her intoxication's, She pulls me back through every time. We sleep till the mornings incantation, to serve as the new day's scribe.”

— The Sun and the Moon


11 "Contempt" (instrumental)
Nicarao Narvaez - guitars, bass
Al Azar - drums. guitar, keys 
12 "Shy Times"
Kevin Whipps - acoustic guitar, bass
Slum Pickns - drums
Slo ONE - synth vox
Al Azar - piano, synth sax
Produced by Slo ONE
associate producers - Erich Graham and Al Azar
engineered by Nicarao Narvaez 

13 "Chicken Dinner"
Bucky WunderLick - vox, trash cans, saw, slide whistle Thucky Hyamatsu - guitar, jug
Dirty Joe Watson - jugs, vox
Natasha Cluckold - vox
Klondike "Bar" Washington - bottle 


14 "The Sun and the Moon"
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, bass, vocals 
15 "Stars"
Al Azar - Piano 

16 "The Sun the Moon and the Stars"
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, piano, bass, vocals, drums Braeden Avants - synthesizer
Derek G Hoki - electric guitar
Slum Pickens - backing vocal
Erich Graham - backing vocal 

17 "Gone with the Wind"
Al Azar -guitars
Jacob Mathews- Bass
Slum Pickns - Vocal
Drums - Jeremy
Thunderstorm - God 


18 "Platinum Dreams and the Transparent Man"
Tom Porcella - guitars
Al Azar - keyboards 
Nicarao Narvaez - bass 
Drums - Terry Macintosh 


19 "Common People"
written by Jarvis Cocker "Pulp"
Mike Flannery - Bass, Backing Vocals 
 Erich Graham - Backing Vocals
Nicarao Narvaez - Guitar
Al Azar - Drums, Keyboards, Lead Vocal
Mixed by Al Azar and Nicarao Narvaez


Day 20 "This is STRESS!!!"
Al Azar - alesis synthesizers
Erich Graham – Moog

21 "Fire in the Hole"
written by Donald Fagan and Walter Becker "Steely Dan"
Nick Soberon - Cello
Slum Pickns - Drums, Guitar solo left
Al Azar - Piano, Vocals, Guitar solo right

22 "Freaky Bitch"
Bucky WunderLick - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals 

 23 "Sultans of Shwing"
Kevin Whipps - acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Erich Graham - drums
Ryan Maxwell - whistle
Micheal Simon - electric guitar
Al Azar - piano, melodica 


24 "Richard Parker" "Death Crib"
Jayden Villareal - drums, vocals
Kevin Sims - guitar, vocals
Celestina Clift - keyboards, vocals
William Fisher - Bass
Produced and Mixed by Al Azar
engineered by Nicarao Narvaez 


25 "Mary"
Slum Pickns - drums, backing vox
Erich Graham - backing vox
Jazz Jordan - backing vox
Al Azar - guitars, organ, bass, vox


26 "Slither"
Bucky WunderLick - drum machine, drums, electric piano, synthesizers, electric guitar 


27 " Don't Hold Your Breath" 
written by Jon Pattie
Jon Pattie - Acoustic Guitar, Vox
Al Azar - Drums, Bass, Piano, Keyboards
Mixed by Al Azar 


28 "Dead Weight" 

Bucky Wunderlick - guitars, bass, drums, keyboards


29 "Ignorance is Gliss"
Nico DVBS - 808 kit
Al Azar - synthesizers, piano 


30 "Coconut"
written by Harry Nilsson
Al Azar - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vox, Saw, slide whistle, synth
Slum Pickns - Drums, Congas, Acoustic Guitar, Vox, Triangle
Jazz Jordan - Vox
Slo One - rythm synth
Braedon Avants – Vox 

When You need some Inspiration, Or something to Believe ... There's a Girl with Conversation, She effects the way You Breath!”

— Mary

How to stop time trip
All we Are, is Lost in Awe All we Are is Lost”

— Freaky Bitch

5 ws
2015 06 04 23 05 18
Words stop Coming Don't Come But They'll Come Anyday”

— Fill My Page

Time 2 0
Alien Wavy Rainbow Gravity's Tie Dyed Cries Tripping through the Glass of Escher's Lucid Tides”

— Perpetual Motion

2010 01 30 15 47 44

31) "Fill My Page" 
written by Slum Pickns and Al Azar
Slum Pickns - Bass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vox
Al Azar - Guitar, Keyboard, Vox
Steed Corulla - Backing Vox
32 "Diazepam Dream" 

Bucky Wunderlick - Drums, Bass, Electric Piano, Synthesizers 

 33 "Walk on the Moon"
Azar – Keys 
34 "When Doves Cry"
written by Prince
Al Azar - Drums, Keyboards, Vox
Slum Pickns - Drums, Guitar, backing vox
Art Green - outro Drums
Erich Graham - backing vox
Jon Hall - backing vox
Rest in Peace. You're Music and Inspiration will Live Forever! 


35 "Another Life" acoustic version
Al Azar - Acoustic Guitar, Vox 


36 "Shades of Grey"
Music and Instruments by Bucky Wunderlick 


37 "King of Bones"
Bucky Wunderlick - guitar, piano, bass, melodica, glockenspiel, vox
Slum Pickns - bongo's
Mixed by the Ghost of Al Azar 


38 "Driving Home"
Produced by Slo One
Slo One - Acoustic Guitar, Beats, Synths
Erich Graham - Drums, Vocals
Al Azar - Synth Leads
Mixed by Slo One 


39 "Kicking and Screaming"
Al Azar - drums, bass guitar
Slum Pickns - electric guitar, vox
Erich Graham - vox
Will Turner - acoustic guitar 
40 "Perpetual Motion"
Bucky WunderLick - Piano, Loops, Vocals

41 "Posers" 
Bucky Wunderlick - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vox  


42 "Honolulu Heartbreak"
Jacques Bergeon - electric guitar
Erich Graham - vocals, bass guitar
Al Azar - Drums, synthesizer 


43 "White Wedding"
written by Billy Idol
Al Azar - Vox, acoustic guitar, electric piano, synthesizer
Coleman Brown - Bass Guitar, Vox
Slum Pickns - Drums, Electric Guitar
Julie Armstrong – Vox 


44 "First Song of Spring"
Bucky Wunderlick - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vox, drum arrangements, melodica
Erich Graham - VOX 


45 "Fourteen Chords"
Bucky Wunderlick - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synthesizers, Drums, Glockenspiel 


46 "Dragon Slayer"
Coleman Brown - lead guitar
Slum Pickns - drums
Al Azar - rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vox, synthesizer 

47 "Gagging Order"
written by Radiohead
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, vocals, synthesizer
Slum Pickns - electric guitar, kaoss
Erich Graham - tibetan bells 
Steed Corulla - backing vocals


48 "On the Brink"
Bucky Wunderlick - Drum Machine, Kaoss Pads,
Synthesizers, Guitar, Vocals
Erich Graham – Synthesizer


49 "8pm"
Written by Micheal Simon
Micheal Simon - Guitar, Vox
Erich Graham - Bass Guitar
Al Azar - Drums, Piano, Synth
Steed Corulla - Backing Vocals


50 "Time Space Detective"
Bucky Wunderlick - Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Drums, Vocals
Erich Graham - Strings, Vocals

Last trip
Neon Halo's, Mustang Sally, Shallow Graves for the Dilly Dallies, Poppin' Mama's diet pills for thrills... For the Kill. Bits of Misfits thrown Together... Waiting for Another Savior. Another Day Another Dragon to Slay”

— Dragon Slayer

Sycophants and Lazy Ragers, Living Inside Animation, Streets are Paved with Neon Faces, Looking for the Human Race ”

— On the Brink

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The cheif
Take me home
Handhead tshirt

51 Interlude No9
Al Azar – keyboards 

52 "Lucky Like That"
Al Azar - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vox
Slum Pickns - Drums
Erich Graham – Kaoss 


53 "Where's thee Emcee"
(Improvised Live Studio Recording)
Slum Pickns - drums
Coleman Brown - bass guitar
Al Azar - yamaha cs6x synthesizer 


54 "We Only Come Out at Night"
written by Smashing Pumpkins
Bucky Wunderlick - Guitar, Piano, Drum Machine, Vocals, ThunderTube, Synthesizers 


55) Still Here (Han Solo Style) 

"Still Here" Performed by Al Azar - Piano, Guitar, Bass,
Melodica, Vocals, Loop Pedal . Lyrics written by Steed Corulla Filmed by Erich Graham edited by Erich Graham and Jazz Jordan 


56 "The Ebony Terrace"
Al Azar – Piano 


57 "57 Clouds"
Slo One - Beats, Synths, Samples
Al Azar - Electric Piano, synthesizer 


58 "Why Yo?"
Kraftmatik - Vocals
Slum Pickns - Drums, Rythm Guitar
Coleman Brown - Bass Guitar,Lead Guitar, Backing Vox
Derek Hoki - Ukelele
Al Azar - Organ, Synthesizer, Backing Vox 


59 "Trickle Down Economics" 
written by Jeremy Cousins
Jeremy Cousins aka J Cuz Uza - Guitars, Vocals
Al Azar - Drums, Piano, Melodica 


60 "No Way"
written by David Gilmour
Al Azar - Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Organ, Electric Piano, Synthesizer
Jazz Jordan - Backing Vocals

61 "60 minutes"
Bucky Wunderlick - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards 


62 "Some sort of Vision"
Micheal Simon - Didgereedoo, Guitars
Al Azar - drums, bass, keys 


3 Take Me Home (solo acousic version)
Al Azar - guitar, vocals, loop pedal
song 63 was a video performance. you can find the video here 


64 "Infinite Jest"
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers, vocals 


65 "The Numbers Game"
Ray Gori - electric guitar / backing vocals
Austin Vaughn - drums, backing vocals
 Erich Graham - bass, backing vocals 
Al Azar - vocals, backing vocals, synthesizer 


66 "The Illuminated"
Erich Graham - rhythm guitar, vocals
Slum Pickns - drums, bass
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, lead guitar, synthesizer 


67 "Out of Focus"
Erich Graham - ambient drums, vox
Slum Pickns - acoustic guitar, bass, glockenspiel
Al Azar - piano, drums, vox, kaoss 


68 "The Perfect Book"
Chris Balch - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Erich Graham - bass guitar
Al Azar - piano, drums, vocals 


69 "69"
Bucky WunderLick - drums, bass, electric piano, electric guitar 

 70 " The Furthest Reaches of Space"
Al Azar – synthesizers 

I'm out of focus, Again”

— Out of Focus

Header2 001
Time to choose your own Adventure in the book that never ends. It's Time to choose our own Adventure So get on the road and drive my friends”

— the Perfect Book

I try hard not to loose my cool when I'm left with Nothing. It's like peeing in the Pool, Now Nobody's Swimming. But I'll stand up on my feet, to Slay another Dragon... Comb the Desert while the Sun beats down towards another Oasis ”

— the Status Quo

Turn on your night light And take a ride with Me. Lay down all your Defenses, It might just get Easy. So rub your rabbits foot Dashboard Jesus. It's all in your Brain when it gets Easy.”

— Easy

Don't hate me cause I'm pretty. Your just as ugly as me”

— Snakes in the Grass

Trust Me, You Know that you can Trust me... That I will Fuck Up Something”

— Snakes in the Grass

71 "At the Heart of it All"
Slum Pickns - drums, bass, electric guitar
Al Azar - piano, keyboards, electric guitar, vocals


72 "Fools Gold"
Erich Graham - Vocals
Al Azar - drums, electric piano, synthesizers, acoustic guitar 


73 "The Snake and the Apple"
written by Jacob Mathews
Jacob Mathews - guitars, drums, vocals
Derek G. Hoki - bass guitar
Al Azar - piano, synthesizer

74 "Blue Wednsday"
Al Azar  - electric guitar, piano, sax synth
Coleman Brown - bass guitar
Slum Pickns - drums


75 "When You Love Someone"
Sharrone Sofer - guitars, bass, vocals
Al Azar - drums, organ, piano 


76 "Tomorrow Comes Today"
written by Gorillaz
drums, bass, piano, melodica, vocals - Bucky WunderLick/Al Azar ..whoever I am these days 


77 "Snakes in the Grass"
Slum Pickns - drums, slide guitar, acoustic guitar
Al Azar - electric piano, piano, synth bass, strings, vocals 


78 "Super Amazing Totally Radical Piano Song"
Al Azar - Piano, Pedal Board


79 "Easy"
Al Azar - rythm guitar, synth bass, lead guitar(R), vocals
Slum Pickns - drums, bass guitar, lead guitar(L)
Erich Graham - synthesizer, backing vocals
Maria Elena Smith - backing vocals
Slo One - synthesizer 


80 "The Status Quo"
Bucky WunderLick - drums, bass, guitars, vocals

81 "Turn like the Sun"
Andrew Collins Graham - guitar, synthesizer
Braedon Avants - drums
Shelby Iyone Avants - bassoon
Coleman Brown - bass guitar
Slum Pickns - drums
Brien Allen Foster - guitar
Al Azar - piano, synthesizer 


82 "Rock n' Roll Suicide"
written by David Bowie
Al Azar - drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
Jazz Jordan - backing vocals
Erich Graham - backing vocals 


(#83) "Real Life Kenobi"
Al Azar - korg electribe drum machine, yamaha and alesis synthesizers 


84 "Dirty Deeds"
Slum Pickns - acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica
Al Azar - piano, melodica
photo from Props!!! 

85 "FlashBack"
Bucky WunderLick - drums, guitar, keyboards 


86 "Human Dominoes"
Slum Pickns - drums
Al Azar - piano, bass, guitar, kaoss, vox 


87 "Kiss of Death"
Slum Pickns - drums, bass, guitars, maracas, tibetan bells, vocals
Coleman Brown - guitar, backing vox
Al Azar – synthesizer, backing vox


88 "Make Tonight a Wonderful Thing"
Slum Pickns - drum machine, bass, guitar
Al Azar - electric piano, synthesizer 


89 "Dream Machine"
Al Azar - reverse piano, synthesizers, drum machine 


90 "Trouble on the Run"
Bucky WunderLick - guitars, bass, drums, vocals 

Doghand crop
Death is just a Start”

— Kiss of Death

Aqua man
If you say I'm the only one, I'm not the only one. They call me Trouble On the Run. Step in Honey, lets have some Fun”

— Trouble on the Run

Brotherly love
Dawn brings the Sun. I hear the angels singing. A myriad of muses kisses us with the ether's will. So much in Love, sifting through the Magic. Making the Best of the Circus that's outside my door. ”

— Runner's High

5t33d 60s
We Turn the World We Write the World We Live In We Turn the World We Write the World We Give (yeah)”

— We Bounce Around

91 "So Quiet" 
written by Landry Jackson
Landry Jackson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Al Azar – Piano 


92 "Was it a Dream"
Slum Pickns - drums, bass, reverse guitar, vocals
Al Azar - electric piano, guitar 


93 "Fozzy"
Al Azar - bass guitar, guitar, synthesizers, piano
Slum Pickns - drums, guitar
Erich Graham – guitar 


94 "Runners High"
Bucky WunderLick - drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals 


95 "Think Fast"
Bucky WunderLick - drum machine, synthesizers 


96 "In Passing"
Al Azar – guitars 


97 " We Bounce Around"
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, drums, bass, piano, melodica,synth, vocals
Erich Graham - vocals 


98 "the Last Trip" (this time around)
Slum Pickns - bass guitar, guitar, percussion
Erich Graham - moog
Al Azar - drum machine, electric piano, synthesizers, harmonizer
Jazz Jordan – voice 

99 "The Long Slow GoodBye"
written by Josh Homme
Slum Pickns - acoustic guitar, tamborine, whistle
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, vocals 


100 "We Be the Revolution"
Heavy - vocals
Micheal Kiddoo - vocals
Julie Armstrong - vocals 
Maria Elena Smith - vocals
Mindy Munoz - vocals
Coleman Brown - bass, guitars
Slum Pickns - drums
Al Azar - drums, pianos, synthesizers
original artwork by Von Briggs
dedicated to Bernie Worrell R.I.P.